What type of massage does your clinic offer?

Our clinic offers a range of modalities including rehabilitation, sports massage, Connective Tissue, Cranio Sacral, NMT, Polarity, and structural integration.

Where is your office located?

Downtown Flagstaff,  519 N. Leroux, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

What is the cost of a massage?

The massage fees range from $40-45 for 1/2 hr., $80-90 for a 1 hr. massage, $100-115 for a 1.25 hr., $120-130 for a 1.5 hr., $160-180 for a 2 hr. massage depending on the therapist you schedule with. Also please note for new clients there is an additional 15 minutes added to the session for intake and evaluation and an added $10 fee.